Scrypt lands in the top 10 of Greater Austin’s FAST 50

Last night Scrypt was recognized – along with 50 of our Austin business community peers – for our phenomenal growth over the past three years.  The Austin Business Journal FAST 50 named Scrypt as the eighth fastest growing small business in Central Texas.

Scrypt has seen fantastic growth thanks to the hard work of a dedicated team led by our CEO, Aleks Szymanski.

According to Aleks: “I was surprised and honored that we featured so highly in the FAST 50.  Having led companies on three continents, I know that Austin is as a special place to grow a business – and there are many amazing companies in Central Texas.  I feel immensely proud for what we have achieved since I came to Scrypt five years ago and yet, believe we have only just begun. ”

More growth is planned for Scrypt.  This past February we announced our renaming and rebranding from SecureCare Technologies to Scrypt.  The renaming kicked off the development of a completely new, highly secure and HIPAA compliant document platform for healthcare, also called Scrypt and launching in early 2015.  The Scrypt platform connects all the disparate members of patient’s care team so that they can securely and easily exchange, store and enhance protected patient information inside a cloud environment. We are building the new platform so that patient documents can be elegantly exchanged and easily enhanced and tracked, while keeping them secure inside a state of the art data center using military grade security protocols.

Healthcare is at a crossroads between Federal compliance requirements, and being targeted by data hackers that see health information as far more valuable than credit card information.  Scrypt’s mission is to ensure that healthcare providers across the entire industry can exchange protected information securely and confidently.