No Robots. Just Humans. Meet the people behind Scrypt’s awesome customer support team

Editor’s note: Scrypt is starting a new series called ‘No Robots. Just Humans’.  Our goal is to offer you a look into the people who make Scrypt the special place that it has become.  Especially to the ‘family’ of people that come to work every day.

One of the most frustrating things someone can experience when calling a company is the customer service phone game. You know, the game where it takes you through five different menu prompts only to be answered by an automated response telling you to contact another number for service related to that issue. Or, perhaps you were connected after only two menu prompts, but then redirected by an automated response saying to go online for faster service. Frustrating? Yes. Avoidable? Yes.

At Scrypt we take pride in knowing that we won’t partake in the customer service phone game. Ever. We’ve hired real life human beings—the kind that won’t lead you into an abyss of messages and prompts. The kind of people that take pleasure in helping you, our customer, solve problems, the good old-fashioned way, by talking.

We’re excited to introduce some of these fine folks so you can get familiar with them and know that they are more than just a name, or a voice. They are husbands, brothers, aunts, grandparents, wives, mothers, fathers, runners, chefs, activists, dog-lovers and the in-between that happen to call Scrypt their work home.

This week we got to sit down with two customer-centric managers, Amber Patterson, Senior Account Manager and Paul Mise, Technical Support Manager for Scrypt. Amber, who oversees customer support hails from Temple, Texas, and is proud to call Austin her home. Paul, who runs the technical support area for Scrypt is a California transplant raised in nearby Cedar Park, Texas for nearly 20 years.

How long have you been working at Scrypt?
Amber: “I’ve been here for three and a half years. I was a management trainee prior to coming to Scrypt for a national rental car company, but it’s not a life I miss!”
Paul: “I have been here for three years. I was doing the same type of work for a different company here in Austin, so Scrypt was an easy transition for me.”

What is one interesting characteristic about yourself that our readers must know?
Amber: “I’m a self-proclaimed neat freak that is terrified of birds. Not necessarily in that order, but they both define me. You can thank my brother for terrifying me with birds when I was younger. As far as being a neat freak goes, everything has to be in order. I mean everything, shoes, clothes, files, kitchen, EVERYTHING.”
Paul: “I’ve got nine tattoos. Most of them are covered up, so you would never guess by looking at me. My favorite tattoos happen to be my most painful ones, my little girls’ feet print on my upper back.”

What would you be doing if you weren’t a part of the Scrypt team?
Amber: “I’ve always loved real estate, but when I graduated from school the market wasn’t in a good place. I love walking into a house and seeing the floor plan, getting the whole tour, that is what excites me about visiting friends!”
Paul: “I’d probably still be over at my previous company, Scrypt was a new opportunity for me and I jumped at the chance!”

Everyone has an inner superhero. Who do you identify with?
Amber: “Wonder Woman. Everyone tells me I look like her and who doesn’t want to be a superhero? I only wish I could look as amazing in that costume.”
Paul: “C’mon, it’s got to be Superman (as he points to a Superman tattoo on his upper arm)—look at what he represents. The American way—you are supposed to be a good person, stand up for people and do what’s right.”

If you were to start a company from scratch what is the number one value you would base it on?
Amber: “Honesty. I feel like so many people build businesses by misleading people. Whether that is from a monetary prospective or something different. From the get go, I am and would want to be 100% truthful in what I intend to do and set out to achieve. Completely transparent.”
Paul: “Hands down, customer service. You can have the best product in the world, but with the wrong team it won’t sell. You’ve got to treat customers the way they want to be treated otherwise they will go somewhere else. Or, you can have the worst product and have the best team and it will go far. Customer service makes all the difference.”

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in the past year?
Amber: “I just got married last year, so I would have to say patience.”
Paul: “Don’t put off what you can do today for tomorrow. My grandfather passed away and there are a few things I would have wanted to say that I didn’t get the chance to. If you can get it done today—get it done.”

We all love Austin. Scrypt calls Austin home and wouldn’t change that! But, everyone has something we would change about this glorious city. What would you change?
Amber: “The traffic. It’s a nightmare, whether that is 35 or Mopac. It’s a parking lot wherever you go.”
Paul: “Actually, traffic doesn’t bother me so much since I’ve spent a lot of time in California where it’s a notorious issue. I would tell Austin to slow down, stay grounded and don’t forget where you started. My fear is Austin gets too big too fast.”