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HIMSS18 Preview

HIMSS18 preview

The 2018 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition, which is being held on March 5–9 in Las Vegas, will bring together more than 45,000 healthcare and technology professionals from around the world for five days of education, innovation, and collaboration.

With more than 300 education sessions, 1,300+ vendors, hundreds of special programs, and endless networking events in store, there’s no way we could cover everything in this blog post. So, instead, we’ve picked out three major topics that are sure to be featured heavily at this year’s event.

  1. Clinical Informatics & Clinician Engagement

Now more than ever, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other clinical professionals are relying on technology to gather and distribute patient information. Every day, health data is collected, stored, and analyzed to inform decision-making in order to provide improved patient care and health outcomes. Outdated, and disconnected systems can hinder workflow processes, interfering user engagement and experience for professionals and patients alike. In the coming years, user-centered design principles and interoperability will be at the center of digital health development.

To be successful in 2018 and beyond, clinical informatics should be geared toward effectively engaging medical staff to embrace and integrate these technologies into their workflows. Best practices, usage case studies, and personal insight into the latest digital data, technologies, tools, and strategies need to be shared between healthcare partners and departments to ensure a patient-centered approach is prioritized.

HIMSS18 will address clinical informatics and engagement through a number of talks and seminars, focused toward the innovative uses of telehealth, mobility, A.I. and machine learning, and improvement of data-driven patient communications.

  1. Compliance, Risk Management & Program Integrity

It is vital for healthcare professionals to understand exactly how to identify and mitigate issues relating to data vulnerability. A robust strategy for data integrity and compliance management in 2018 will therefore involve developing formal policies and procedures associated with compliance issues, in order to meet the latest legislation and regulation while subsequently addressing the risk factors of non-compliance.

Compliance, risk management, and program integrity is going to be a major talking point at HIMSS18, and rightly so. Trending themes under this section will include managing risk and data security with IOT (Internet of things) and the cloud; dealing with cybercrime; creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness; and building preparation for government compliance.

  1. HIT Infrastructure & Standards

The design, development, and implementation of health IT infrastructure has in many ways advanced healthcare delivery from clinical professionals to patients. 2018 is poised to be an innovative and interesting year for HIT infrastructure as organizations seek to digitally expand their operations to speed up workflows and improve patient care.

Trends in mobility and IOT will prevail in 2018 to become more accessible as organizations strive to flesh out more thorough strategies for engagement between clinicians and patients. This will likely see organizations re-assessing their network and storage mechanisms in order to accommodate for the influx of data being collected by connected devices.

This year, HIMSS will explore at depth the safety and security of HIT, including virtualization, mobility, the cloud, smart devices and networks, and other technologies that exist to help establish, support, and enable healthcare organizations to deliver effective, efficient, and seamless patient outcomes.

The countdown to HIMSS 2018 has begun

The significance of these issues for modern healthcare organizations will be outlined in detail throughout numerous seminars and talks taking place at HIMSS18 between March 5-9, 2018 – you can find the full list of topics and a schedule for this year’s event at