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Introducing DocbookMD One-Way Paging

The healthcare communication landscape is evolving. Now more than ever, healthcare professionals need communication tools that can deliver uncompromised mobility, reliability, and security, within the convenience of a mobile application. Consequently, smartphone usage within medical practices is increasing, and the reliance on pagers is decreasing.

But while pager usage may be on the decline, the need for a fail proof one-way-communication channel is still as prevalent as ever within medical practices. This is where DocbookMD One-Way Paging comes in; by providing access to all the benefits of one way communication, such as speeding up and streamlining the sending of messages where no response is needed, via an easy to use mobile app, healthcare professionals can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Goodbye pagers!

DocbookMD One-Way Paging replaces traditional pagers, reducing the number of devices that healthcare professionals need to carry around with them, and minimizing the running costs and service fees that come with a company-wide paging solution. Messages can be also be sent to single or multiple recipients, or broadcast across an entire organization, making DocbookMD One-Way Paging an ideal tool for care teams of all sizes.

Message tracking and auditing

The DocbookMD One-Way Paging app offers a comprehensive audit trail, making it possible to pull a report that shows exactly who has opened and read (or not) messages sent through DocbookMD One-Way Paging, and when those messages were opened. Up to date audit logs and historical reports ensure full accountability and transparency.

Multiple logins

A single DocbookMD account can host multiple logins, making it possible to forward answering service messages on to other users. For example, if a physician is with a patient and unable to respond to a message, it is possible to forward the message on to another doctor or department.

Answering Service Integration

DocbookMD One-Way Paging integrates with phone answering services, which allows care teams to receive important messages and alerts even when they’re out of the office. What’s more, existing users of DocbookMD don’t have to login to a seperate portal in order to see these messages, as they are accessible via the DocbookMD app.

Answering service providers of all sizes can benefit from integrating DocbookMD One-Way Paging into their service offering, and through an advanced API are able to customize the technology in a way that appeals to their customers.

Emergency notifications

In the event of a problematic or disastrous situation arising, users can send emergency notifications to their staff to quickly disperse important information, or to “rally the troops.”

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