Concentra and QCA Health Plan learn a costly lesson

Last month, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reiterated its firm policy on data security, issuing companies Concentra and QCA Health Plan penalties totaling more than $1.9 million dollars. The root of the penalty? Both organizations suffered theft of unencrypted laptops, placing patient data at significant risk. Data encryption has long been at […]

Create and use strong passwords that you can actually remember

With hacking and security breaches becoming increasingly prevalent, everyone storing private information online needs to take their password security seriously. There is an abundance of information available on creating secure passwords, but it can easily start to feel pretty daunting to try to follow all the rules. Here’s a list of common password tips from […]

Medical Societies: The unsung heroes of today’s physicians

As 2013 comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on those who have stood out as real heroes in 2013: Groups who still champion the solo physicians and the right for physicians to remain autonomous, reimbursed fairly, and have their scope of practice respected amongst colleagues in the greater medical community. Our state […]

Physician leadership: Why it matters?

Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” I wouldn’t have known what he meant right out of residency, thrust into my first “leadership” role. What does it mean after all to be a leader in medicine? Many, like me, were considered a team leader by default, simply because of a […]

Can technology help with physician wellness?

Physician wellness – the idea of physicians being taken care of – is not a new concept; however in this new era of medicine, it may mean something different. Is it possible that technology could represent a physician wellness tool? Take for example the idea that a solo physician is able to connect with peers […]

Making money with your mobile app

Today, over 50% of physicians across the country are employed – either by a hospital or practice group. Those who wish to remain independent are now joining associations to help negotiate better payer reimbursements or lower costs for certain services. Many independent practices find that they do not have the capital to add EHRs and […]

The changing world of physician communication in the face of HIPAA and HITECH

Physician-to-Physician Communication With the number of serious medical errors on the rise due to miscommunication among health care providers, it is shocking that there has been little meaningful change in this area in the past decade. There have been many efforts recently that aim to effectively lower medical costs for patients, but few that would […]

Protecting healthcare data on Android devices

With more health professionals using smartphones and tablets in their work, the security of these devices is of utmost importance in order to prevent data breaches. recently published suggestions to improve security of iOS devices in clinical practices. But what of those professionals using Android rather than iOS? The concepts are largely the same, but there […]

Healthcare technology solutions that keep doctors at the center

As the climate of healthcare changes and the entire system is over-hauled to reduce costs and increase access, the humanity of medicine is at risk. Regulations and new standards, aimed at normalizing care delivery, seems to stifle that which was sacred not too long ago. As we are forced to adapt to keyboards and a […]