Healthcare Providers

HIPAA-Secure Messaging for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare today is incredibly complex. Traditional communications simply cannot keep up and information can get lost. By harnessing DocbookMD, the whole care team can benefit with improved communication, better care coordination and more effective patient care.

Physician Practices

With DocbookMD, physicians, nurses and care team staff can communicate efficiently and gain back valuable time for your practice to spend more time with patients or increase the number of patients you see on a daily basis.

How we help practices

Physician Practices

Hospitals and Health Systems

DocbookMD has been proven to dramatically improve patient care by transforming collaboration around patient care to better communicate with different care groups.

How we help hospitals

Hospitals and Health Systems

Medical Clinics

No matter what type of clinic,  community, urgent care, outpatient or specialty, DocbookMD can help foster better collaboration within your team and with external partners.

How we help clinics

Medical Clinics - Doctor reassures man

Health Plans and Payers

By embracing DocbookMD, you can save valuable time by allowing payers to communicate a claim denial, the reason for the denial and schedule time for that critical peer-to-peer review.

How we help payers

Health Plans and Payers

Home Health Agencies

DocbookMD allows home health care teams to communicate more effectively and spend more quality time with patients.

How we help home health

Better clinical communications