Fostering better collaboration

HIPAA-compliant secure messaging

Empower care teams with secure messaging and real-time alerts to streamline communication, accelerate workflows and enhance team collaboration.

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Helping healthcare providers and partners

DocbookMD is harnessed by a plethora of healthcare providers to improve communication and foster better collaboration and Partners who understand healthcare and the value DocbookMD provides to their offering. Explore who we help.

Healthcare providers

Better clinical communication

Empower care teams with HIPAA-compliant secure messaging and real-time alerts in to streamline communication, accelerate workflows and enhance team collaboration. Discover what DocbookMD can do.

Better clinical communications

HIPAA compliance done right

We have been safeguarding healthcare information every day since 1998 to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of protected health information (PHI). Examine how we meet the demands of HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA compliance done right

ShareFile and DocbookMD have partnered to combine HIPAA-compliant secure messaging from DocbookMD with Sharefile’s unlimited storage and file sharing. Find out more.

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Why choose DocbookMD?

Endorsed by Medical Societies

DocbookMD is endorsed by 200 medical societies in 42 states. Over 300,000 health practitioners have access.

Healthcare pedigree

We have been helping healthcare providers and partners since 1998. We are SOC2, HIPAA and HITRUST compliant.


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“For us, it was very simple. Pagers are less reliable and more outdated, and DocbookMD solved this issue.”
Russell Radoff, MD, MCH Internal Medicine Physician

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