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We help physicians and their care teams improve patient care through the use of a secure, efficient, mobile communication platform.


DocbookMD is an exclusive HIPAA-secure messaging application for smartphone and tablet devices and is also available on the web. Designed by and for physicians, it creates a secure community to share critical patient information and collaborate with medical colleagues. In the past year, DocbookMD has experienced incredible growth now counting over 25,000 physicians users across 42 states. Drs. Tim Gueramy and Tracey Haas began developing DocbookMD six years ago out of a very personal need for more efficient and instantaneous physician-to-physician communication. By using DocbookMD, physicians can now send HIPAA-secure text messages bundled with images, labs, X-rays and EKGs. All information is at a physician’s fingertips, resulting in faster and richer discussions on patient treatment and care. Also, with local physician and pharmacy directories built in, the time physicians spend finding colleagues or tracking down a local pharmacy is cut from hours to minutes.

  • By Physicians. For Physicians.
  • Customized solution available for hospitals and groups.
  • Currently offered in 42 states across over 300 state and county medical societies.
  • Vital patient information right in your hand - send images of wounds, labs, X-rays and EKGs.
  • Built by design for fast, secure HIPAA-secure messaging.
  • Direct integrations with Radiology, Lab, Answering Services and ADT software.
  • Makes it easier for physicians to communicate with their entire care team, including nurses, PAs, and office staff.

DocbookMD Technology

  • 256-Bit AES encryption to securely transmit and store data, exceeding current HIPAA compliance requirements.
  • All users are required to sign a HIPAA business agreement prior to activation (customized for our enterprise clients).
  • Sensitive content such as patient details and photos reside on our cloud-based servers, not the user’s device.
  • Remote disabling of the app if a device were lost or stolen.
  • All messages are saved for ten years, per HITECH/state recommendations (customized for our enterprise clients).
  • Custom HL7 integrations with lab, radiology, answering service, billing and ADT software.
  • Full compatibility and integration with HIEs is currently in development utilizing the Direct protocol.
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